Boxathletics, Awesome Knee pads, 5mm knee pads

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Sold in pairs. No machine washing!

Boxathletics Awesome 5mm knee pads a traditional design that complements the knee made from sturdy 5mm neoprene.

Knee sleeves crafted through traditional design methodologies have undergone meticulous refinement, utilizing techniques and materials that have demonstrated their effectiveness over time. This established track record ensures the enduring longevity and reliable performance of knee sleeves fashioned through traditional design principles

Technical features

  • Knee braces for sports
  • Made of CR neoprene
  • Strong seams
  • A classic model

*Knee warmers are not intended for medical use.

Material :

100% neoprene.

*Measure the circumference 10cm below patella at 90 degree angle

29cm - 33cm S
33cm - 35cm M
35cm - 38cm L
38cm - 42cm XL

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