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Performance addition IIA

The new improved version of Boxathletics Bulletproof Grips.
The biggest change is the increased thickness of the neoprene padding on the wrist . Thanks to this, these Grips are even more comfortable to wear, and the use of sweatbands in between is no longer necessary.

Another clear update is the so-called All black-look. Bulletproof's are now completely black. The wrist logo made from rubber 3D and the already familiar logo on the grip lasered here in Finland.

Size tag is hidden under the buckle of the grips. 

The search for the perfect Grip is over. BA Bulletproof Grips fulfill all wishes; they are stylish, slim, easy to wear, durable, comfortable to wear and above all, they have excellent grip!

BA Bulletproof grips do not need magnesium to hold! Yes, you read that right. They hold on to any bars without chalk. There's no harm in using chalk, of course, but you don't need it. Whether the bar is black powder coated or chrome, Bulletproofs will grip it. They work best without a chalk on a clean bar.

The name comes from their durability , which is absolutely bulletproof. They can withstand heavy use, and they should not break during normal use.

The design is temperate, elegant and complements the shape of the hand. The wrist is supported by a neoprene cushion, the cut of which fits so that Grip does not press against the base of the thumb when hanging from the bar or rings.

BA Bulletproof grips are only 2mm thick . Their inner surface has a softer feel and the hanging surface is a patented technical material that feels a bit rubbery in the hand.

BA Bulletproof grips come in two sizes: L & XL
If the length of your palm is less than 10 cm from the base of the middle finger to the beginning of the wrist, the L size may be more suitable. In general, both sizes fit well for everyone, XL size Lämsä is slightly wider.

  • XL warm height 19.7cm
  • L heat height 18.3cm

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Parhaat lämsät mitä olen tähän mennessä käsiini saanut. Hintansa arvoiset.

Martti Myllynen
Taattua laatua

Toimii itellä todella nätisti ilman mankkua tai mankun kanssa.

Bulletproof grips

Täydelliset, ihan huiput. Nämä todellakin ovat imukuppi lämsät. Vaikka et enää itse jaksaisi roikkua niin nämä eivät irtoa tangosta.

Parempaa kuin mankku

Toimii! 💪

Pitää lupauksensa (pun intended)

Tosi hyvät heti paketista, en oo mankulla sotkenu. Sopivan kokoiset ja jämäkät, tankoon hyppääminen helppoa ja ote pitää. Mukavasti pehmustetut rannenauhat, mut pitoa tankoon on niin paljon, että kyllä ennemmin alkaa luistaa kämmenen ja lämsän välistä.