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Boxahtletics' version of the popular carbon fiber material . This grip is suitable for both beginners and  as well for experienced athletes.

Carbon Crystals are easy to bring into use, providing a secure grip on the bar right from the start. However, users often find that the grip improves with a bit of use. While they may not boast the same durability as Boxathletics Bulletproof grips, they demonstrate resilience in regular usage and moderate wear during competitions – a characteristic typical of carbon fiber grips.


In terms of price, Carbon Crystals are very competitive and are very suitable for first-timers. Competitive athletes know that grips are consumables that are meant to last for a certain period of time.

The recommendation for the competitive athletes is to slip two pairs into the shopping cart right away, so that when it really comes down to it, you can wear the familiar Carbon Crystal grips right out of the bag!


The name Carbon Crystal grips comes from the carbon fiber material and its crystal-like structure . They grip well to all bars and wooden rings. They work well without, but you get the best grip by adding chalk and even a drop of water after putting the chalk.

Lightweight sensation when worn

The design is streamlined and complements the shape of the hand. The wrist part and the fastening loop are thick, so that the pressure is distributed as evenly as possible. The grips come in a small, convenient bag , which is made of breathable mesh fabric. Grips dry out well even when transported in a bag.

BA Carbon Crystal grips come in two sizes: L & XL
If the length of your palm is less than 10 cm from the base of the middle finger to the beginning of the wrist, the L size may be more suitable. In general, both sizes fit well for everyone, XL size grip is about 2mm wider.

  • XL grip height 21m
  • L grip height 19.8cm


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