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Boxathletic lifting Belt!

We have made a belt that combines, in our opinion , the best features of a lifting belt:

  • Self-locking
  • Durable long velcro sticker, loop for easy opening
  • Sturdy structure (EVA)
  • Light
  • 10.3 cm wide
  • Elegant

You can use a self-locking buckle for bigger lifts and during metcons the belt works well with just the velcro strap. The belt has a convenient loop at the end of the velcro strap, from which it can be conveniently opened and loosened when you change from a movement to movement.

Boxathletics belt is shape-retaining , a combination of nylon and EVA. It is very light and sturdy when attached. The material feels nice and soft in the hand.

Width of the belt is 10.3 cm, which is why it is suitable for functional training and weightlifting competitions . Available in sizes XS-XXL, see your measurements below.

The belt is available in three different designs: "Ride the lightning", "Sweet tooth" and "Patches" . Choose your own style and let the belt bring out all your potential!

The "Patches" model is velcro all over, so you can add all the badges you want to it or just use it as a traditional black lifting belt.

Width: 10.3
Thickness: 0.5 cm

In the measurement table, a larger measurement gives the size of the belt in a way that the ends of the belt do not overlap when fastened. The belt works best when the ends are placed on top of each other when fastening. We also personally prefer the feel when the ends of the belt overlap. With this style, the fastening tape also hits more Velcro. Personally, my measurement is 85cm, and I prefer belts in sizes M and L the most."
Measure from the level of the navel.



63 - 72cm


73 - 80cm


81 - 89cm


90 - 99cm


100 - 109cm


110 - 120cm



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