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Falcon grips are the same carbon fiber material like the RX grips. The difference between the grips is the inner surface material (0.08mm) found in Falcons, which reduces friction on the palm side and makes the grip softer.

The Falcons are Boxathletics athlete Ludvig Hahnson's favorite Grips . More familiarly, "Ludde", uses Falcon's three-hole model in size L. Ludde says that he likes to use holed grips because he can make a small bend between the fingers of the grip, which makes the grip very firm.

The really durable Falcons are a long-term training partner due to their durable surface material. The softer inner surface of the Falcons guarantees less friction on the palm. Falcons are a solid option for bigger athletes who need durability.

Technical features
0.12 kg
Thickness 2 mm
Hypoallergenic buckle

Do not wash
If you are sweaty, let it dry
For example, hang the backpack on the loops to dry

Environmental features
100% vegan
ecological fabric

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

What is the size of my Grip?

  • Measure your hand from the wrist to the beginning of the fingers
  • Choose which style you want to use
    • Size 1 protects your hand, leaves no crease
    • Koko2 protects your hand and makes a fold between the fingers and the palm.
      With this style, you can also wear boots without finger holes.

Size guide

Measure Size 1 Size 2
(allows skill)
__- 8cm
8cm- 9cm S M
9cm - 10.5cm M L
10.5cm - 11.5cm L XL
11.5cm - __ XL XL


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