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Strawberry flavored whey protein

Puhdistamo's Whey protein Strawberry is a delicious strawberry-flavored protein supplement made from natural ingredients. As whey protein, Puhdistamo has chosen an organic whey protein concentrate, which has passed a strict control screening in terms of both the quality of the milk and the production process.

Puhdistamo whey protein gets its soft strawberry taste from real strawberry powder and natural aromas. Pure ingredients guarantee a pleasant mild and delicious taste. This is why their whey protein is extremely easy to use: you can add the powder to a smoothie or enjoy it as it is mixed with water.

Everything starts with the highest possible quality raw material. For whey protein, this means milk obtained from free-range cows. In winter, the cows are fed with organic fodder. Milk whey is made from pure organic milk, and whey protein concentrate is finally ultrafiltered from it.

Puhdistamo's Whey Protein Strawberry is a natural supplement to meet your daily protein needs. The protein contained in the product promotes the growth and preservation of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones.

Contains no sugar, aspartame, sucralose or acesulfame K - also no artificial flavours, preservatives or colourings.

Ingredients: Organic whey protein concentrate ( from milk ), strawberry powder (2%), natural flavors, thickener (xanthan gum), Guérande sea salt, organic roasted cocoa powder, sweetener (steviol glycosides).

Amount of organic ingredients of agricultural origin: 95.50% FI-EKO-201

Nutritional content:

100 g 25 g
Energy 360 kcal / 1522 kJ 90 kcal / 396 kJ
Fat 4.80 g 1.30 g
- satisfied with that 3.20 g
0.80 g
Carbohydrates 5.60 g
1.40 g
- of which sugars 4.40 g 1.10 g
- of which lactose < 4.3 g < 1.2 g
Protein 73 g 19 g
Salt 0.87 g 0.23 g

Amino acid distribution per 100 g:

Alanine 3.8 g
Leucine * 8.1 g
Arginine 1.9 g Lysine * 7.3 g
Aspartate 8.4 g
Methionine * 1.6 g
Phenylalanine * 2.5 g
Proline 4.5 g
Glutamic acid 13.6 g
Serine 4.1 g
Glycine 1.4 g
Threonine * 5.3 g
Histidine * 1.3 g Tryptophan * 1.4 g
Isoleucine * 4.7 g
Tyrosine 2.3 g
Cysteine 1.7 g
Valine * 4.4 g
* An essential amino acid

Storage: At room temperature, dry and protected from light.

Country of origin of the main ingredient: EU / Germany

Prepared: Finland

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